Different Ways To Pleasure Your Partner

It goes without saying that sex is very important in any relationship. Many people desire to get home quickly from work to have a wonderful time with their partners, and others ensure that they make love the first thing they wake up in the morning. Surprisingly, many people, both men, and women have no idea on how to impress their partners in bed. And after making love and seeing their better half smiling they think they have done excellently. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy as a result of how their partners approach their bedroom affairs but you should not panic as we are here to tell you how you can pleasure your partner in different ways and make your relationship livelier.

  1. Take time in romance

Good sex starts with a good romance. For a man going home from work, he should prepare his wife psychologically for sex by sending her sexy messages and calling her to say how much he misses her. On the other hand, a wife should prepare early by dressing sexily and welcoming the husband with a hug and a kiss. When the couple finally gets to bed, they should focus on foreplay more than sex. For instance, they should take quality time to kiss, caress the most sensitive parts such as ears, neck, nipples, belly, pussy, clit, balls, and penis, and this will send their partner to cloud nine.

  1. Set a goal

One of the best ways to pleasure your partner is by setting a short-term goal that will definitely improve your long-term lovemaking experience. For instance, you can talk to your partner and decide to double your lovemaking or perhaps try one new position every week. This will definitely inspire you and bring the two of you closer to each other.

  1. Learn to talk during lovemaking

Many people especially women find it interesting to groan aimlessly during the penetration. Well, groaning is a way of expressing how great you’re feeling but you should learn to communicate. For instance, find a polite way to tell your partner how you feel when he does one thing or another such as, “I love it when you do this and that, and it would even be better if you do this.” Most importantly, develop a sexual language to let your partner know what you’re feeling and what you’d want especially during lovemaking.

  1. Play games

Playing games should not be experienced only when you are dating. In fact, you should employ more games when you are already married and getting old as it will keep you happier. If wondering what to do, you can you can play games when naked in your bedroom. Touch your husband exactly how you’d want him to touch you from the head to the toes and your husband will follow suit. That way, you’ll pleasure your partner and most importantly, you’ll find something new you like.

  1. Try going slowly during penetration

After romance, everyone yearns to have a wonderful time in penetration. Well, that’s expected but doing the same thing every day could lead to boredom. Try slow-motion sex, such as taking a minute to do what takes a second. This is a sure way to discover nerve-endings that you hadn’t noticed before. Most importantly, try making love in different places apart from the bedroom, such as the kitchen, on the couch in your living room, and in the bathroom.

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